Operate IT Net®

Simple, automatic and lucrative, being a part of IT Net is simply the best way for operators to run their business.

Around the world, IT Net operators aren't just managing their locations, they're turning them into money-making machines. By operating online with IT Net, operators are tapping into a multi-million dollar system that assures players are provided with the best possible playing experience - while giving operators the extensive tools necessary to make and save money. Simply put, IT Net is a must for the innovative operator.

A communications system designed to be as hands-free as possible for the operator, IT Net gives operators total control over every aspect of their games. Along with their games being able to participate in national, regional and local events, IT Net operators have access to countless tools including:

Accounting and Audits
  • Track the flow of money into your machines
  • See how much money the machine took in and when that money was spent
  • Track earnings, collectors and collections
  • Track spending trends of your locations and customers
Game Play Statistics and Audits
  • Determine which game features are being played the most
  • Learn traffic patterns and peak hours of your locations
Remote Operator Controlled Game Adjustments
  • Make equipment adjustments without ever leaving your office
  • Adjust volume, game pricing, and other in-game settings
  • Adjustments take place during the game's next successful call to IT Net

Plus, Operator Services is FREE to all IT Net Operators!

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IT Net Bulletin:
Operators when you move a game, you must re-register it. Click here for more details.

IT does not warrant that its products and services are in compliance with all regulatory requirements in all localities. Please be certain to use such products and services where you have determined in good-faith that they are in compliance with local, state and other governing body laws and regulations.