Be an IT Net® Operator
Want to become an online IT Net operator?

Here's what you do.

  • Purchase a game from one of our many vendors or directly from IT by calling (847) 870-7027.

  • Completely fill out and fax/mail in the following 3 documents from the IT Net Procedures Manual that is enclosed in your machine (allow 3-5 days processing time):
  • Set up your game at the Location.

  • Once your data is entered here at IT, and your game successfully connects with IT Net, it will be properly registered, connected and ready for public play!

Operator ID Card - "What is it? And When will I receive it?"
The Operator ID Card allows you to enter the game’s menu system to register your games and manage your location details right on-site, as well as adjust game settings and check audits without opening the cash box. You may also gain access to the personalized IT Operator Services Website. Check audits, bookkeeping and game play statistics and make game adjustments from your home or office!

Your Operator ID Card will be sent to you approximately 10 days after the processing of your Operator Agreement and Debit Account Form. Until that time, continue to send in a Game Registration Form for each game you want to put online and IT will register for you.

IT does not warrant that its products and services are in compliance with all regulatory requirements in all localities. Please be certain to use such products and services where you have determined in good-faith that they are in compliance with local, state and other governing body laws and regulations.