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As we release more information about the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition, this FAQ will be updated.

How Long Does Incredible Technologies Plan to Support the Golden Tee LIVE Platform?

We are committed to supporting Golden Tee LIVE games for at least the next five years. These games are an integral part of our present and future. This commitment includes customer service and tech support, player support for cards, other account-related inquiries along with future software updates that will provide new courses and other avenues for players to compete on these cabinets against other players across North America.

Will Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Conversion Kits Be Offered for the Existing Platform?

No. The Golden PGA TOUR Edition will not be available through a conversion kit, and Incredible Technologies has no plans to offer these kits in the future. As part of the partnership with the PGA TOUR, we have mutually agreed to offer these updates through new cabinets to ensure branding and graphical anticipations stay consistent with expectations.

Will Golden Tee LIVE and Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Cabinets Communicate With Each Other?

Yes. On online game modes that are applicable across both platforms, these games will communicate with each other. Players will be able to compete in contests on the same conditions and the same course using the same equipment.

What Will the Fee Structure Look like on the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition?

No change. ITnet fees will remain the same to what they are across the Golden Tee LIVE platform. Incredible Technologies currently has no plans to alter fees.

Will Updates Be Offered on Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition Games?

Yes. Like Golden Tee LIVE, the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition will offer yearly updates. With new technology, we are currently working toward ways to streamline content and enhance the content experience moving forward. Plans on how these updates will work will be relayed in the near future.

What Parts from the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition will be Universal?

The motherboard, video card, memory, processor will be new to this version to align with significant graphical and technological enhancements. Most dollar bill acceptors, however, should still work in the Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition along with a handful of other parts. The cabinet will be largely new in many areas, although we will provide any crossover items in the near future.

What Does the PGA TOUR License Entail?

For the first time in the game’s history, Golden Tee will have real courses in the game. As part of the partnership with the PGA TOUR, Golden Tee will have access to world-renowned golfing destinations, PGA TOUR branding and other elements of the golfing world that will be introduced to the game over time.