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Incredible Technologies Releases GT Caddy App
Posted on May 27, 2014 at 07:52 PM

Get ready Golden Tee players, your GT Caddy is ready! Incredible Technologies, makers of Golden Tee LIVE, has just released the first ever Golden Tee app.

The GT Caddy, a companion app available for download to Android devices from the Google Play store, is tailor-made for dedicated and casual fans of Golden Tee. The free app gives instant access to important and helpful information that will enhance every Golden Tee fan’s game play experience. Players will keep their GT Caddy at their side while spinning the trackball and keep them engaged even while away from their favorite bar game.

The GT Caddy app offers a variety of useful features, including an interactive Find A Game locator, in-depth stats tracking and real-time Live Contest updates. Instant notifications will alert players to where they placed in contests, encouraging them to play again. The app also offers easy access to Golden Tee news and events, and the ability to download and instantly view Great Shot videos in one easy-access location.

“Smart phones have quickly become a part of everyday life, and Golden Tee players are no exception,” said Scott Morrison, IT’s VP of Amusement Marketing. “By adding game-enhancing features to their phones, we will engage players more often and keep them thinking about their favorite game”.

The app is available now for free download on the Google Play store. An ios version for Apple devices will be available in the fall. Free, instant updates are planned for future releases to introduce a variety of innovative game enhancing features.

“The first version of the GT Caddy is packed with useful features, but this is only the beginning”, Morrison added. “We have big plans in store for both the app and the game.”

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