Incredible Technologies Presents Tickle Monsters
New Video Redemption Game Fills Every Room with Laughter
Posted on March 07, 2016 at 03:06 PM

Incredible Technologies, long known for innovative quality video games, is pleased to offer Tickle Monsters, a new and irresistible touch screen game for everyone who loves laughter!  The new, charming and affordable video redemption game is available in a limited run and is perfect for every all-ages location.

Game play is simple: Players choose either Pinky or Fuutz, the cute and crazy monsters who just love to laugh, and then they get to tickling!  Keep tickling the monster to fill the room with infectious laughter while winning tickets.  The more the monster laughs, the more you can win!

The unique and intuitive “tickling” hand action adds a new dimension to touchscreen gameplay.  More tickling is rewarded with hilarious reactions that lead to bigger rewards. And players who can keep the monster at maximum hysteria are rewarded with bonuses and extra time that could lead to the jackpot.

Game software includes a full suite of adjustable settings designed to suit any location.  Settings for tickets awarded, jackpot amounts and hit frequencies can all be tweaked to achieve optimal performance.  Easy to read audits screens are available, in addition to hard meters, for a complete picture on collections and income.

Tickle Monsters ships complete with a sturdy and bright 46” 10-point hi-def touchscreen in the durable IMPACT cabinet.  An eye-catching topper integrates with video to create incredible curb appeal on the arcade floor, while keeping to a relatively small footprint.  Players will find Tickle Monsters hard to resist!

Attendees at the Amusement Expo this March can see Tickle Monsters in action at the Incredible Technologies Booth 623.   More information on Tickle Monsters and the entire IT videmption product line can be found or call the IT Sales Line at 855-803-1621.