Release Date Set for Golden Tee 2017
First Shipment September 26 2016; Preorders Being Taken Now
Posted on August 02, 2016 at 02:23 PM

On September 26, Incredible Technologies will begin shipping Golden Tee 2017, the latest update for the successful Golden Tee video franchise. Software updates will make their way across the country to thousands of eager commercial golf machine owners, to the delight of players and fans everywhere. Amusement operators who currently own Golden Tee games are encouraged to contact IT to reserve their place in the first shipment, which historically means a significant increase in earnings. Golden Tee dedicated Showpiece cabinets, complete kits and Showpiece transfer cabinets (to convert older CRT models) are available to order as well, and will follow shortly after the first shipment.

Golden Tee 2017 introduces five spectacular new 18-hole courses, designed for playability and challenge for all levels of skill. The addition of these courses means the player now has sixty courses to choose from, for unprecedented variety.

In addition to new courses, Golden Tee 2017 introduces new online game formats that will broaden the player base by appealing to both experienced and casual players. Closest to the PIN, the popular 9-hole game, is now available in 3 versions: casual offline, for prizes, and now for stats, allowing players to use their custom golfers and equipment. This fast-paced game is the perfect lunchbreak format, and even more fun with a foursome.

The 2017 update also introduces Player Invitationals, a revolutionary new way for players to compete against their friends in private contests. Players can now set up and invite friends to contests on the GT Caddy app, who then play those contests on commercial game units. Thanks to the GT Caddy app, the set up and selections are made away from the game, so machines are free to play games and earn money.

“Players and game owners have been asking for a way to compete remotely against friends for a while now”, said Don Pesceone, Amusements Division VP at Incredible Technologies. “The combination of our player verification initiative last year and continual improvements of the GT Caddy app make a friends list and private contest system possible. This could be a real game-changer.”

The GT Caddy app has also opened the door for more golfer customization than ever before. “It is clear that players want to look unique when they play,” said Pesceone. “This year’s update will offer 3 times the clothing achievements as previous years, releasing them over time to keep players engaged throughout the year. Clothing, clubs and balls can be customized on the GT Caddy while not playing, and players will rush to their favorite locations to see the results.”

Operators who preorder course updates for all of their online games will be automatically entered into IT’s “AwesomeDraw” random drawing. Prizes include brand-new Showpiece games, full game kits, transfer cabinets, and a host of other valuable prizes.

The first shipment of updates are expected to ship September 26, and AwesomeDraw prizes will be announced around October 17. Operators are encouraged to call their IT sales rep or the IT Sales Hotline at 855-803-1621 for more information.

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