Advertising your contests and promotions is an important step for success, and this process has never been easier! AdWiz is an intuitive program designed to give ITNet operators the ability to create advertisement screens and install them right on their online Golden Tee LIVE, Silver Strike LIVE and PowerPutt LIVE machines.

With AdWiz, operators create and control what is displayed on their games. Create multi-layered ad campaigns with a variety of messages that appear when you decide. Promote everything from events to bar menu specials, and do it with ease.

From the easy-to-use AdWiz campaign creator, simply upload your images and add text to make a custom ad screen, then choose when and where the ad will be displayed on your games. Once complete these ads can be burned to a CD or saved on a flash drive for easy installation from any of your ITNet-enabled Golden Tee LIVE, Silver Strike LIVE and PowerPutt LIVE machines.

And now with AdWiz LIVE, operators can automatically send campaigns to their Golden Tee 2012 and PowerPutt LIVE games directly from their secure Operator Services account. Just create your ad campaign as normal, and then log in to Operator Services and select the participating machines to schedule the data transfer. Some size restrictions may apply.

For more information on running AdWiz and AdWiz LIVE log into Operator Services.

AdWiz Screenshot 1 AdWiz Screenshot 2