Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Hard Drive Handling Notice

!!! CAUTION !!!

Hard drives are sensitive to both physical and electrical shock.

  • DO NOT DROP OR KNOCK OVER the hard drive. Avoid shocks and other electrical discharges.
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE MOUNTING BRACKET from the hard drive. Removal may cause damage to the hard drive and will void the warranty.
  • DO NOT USE POWER TOOLS when installing or removing the hard drive. Power tools can cause excessive vibration and damage the hard drive.
  • ALWAYS keep the supplied padded box for shipping or transporting the hard drive. Failure to use the supplied shipping box will void the warranty.

The hard drive is shipped with a mounting bracket already attached. The bracket allows installation with a minimal number of steps and protects the electronics from damage due to improper handling. DO NOT REMOVE the bracket, as it may cause damage to the hard drive.

In kit games, the hard drive is shipped in a special padded box. In a dedicated cabinet, the shipping box is fastened to the inside bottom of the cabinet. Be sure to keep this box, in case you need to ship the hard drive. Ship the bracket with the hard drive. Do not remove the bracket from the hard drive. Failure to use the supplied box, or removal of the bracket, will VOID THE WARRANTY on the hard drive.

IT does not warrant that its products and services are in compliance with all regulatory requirements in all localities. Please be certain to use such products and services where you have determined in good-faith that they are in compliance with local, state and other governing body laws and regulations.