To aid product owners, Incredible Technologies has included downloadable PDF* manuals with general troubleshooting information, connections drawings and cable pinouts. Please be patient as downloading the manuals may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed.

For more extensive trouble-shooting feel free to call the tech support line at 1-800-262-0323.

IT Net Bulletin:
Operators when you move a game, you must re-register it. Click here* for more details.

Video Cards:
Note: If your game uses a video card model that has not been tested and approved by Incredible Technologies the update will not work. The exact model and part numbers must be used. Not just the same chipset. Please see the Video Card Compatibility list below:

Instructional Videos:
For more instructions and videos on the Update Process for GT GOLF and GT LIVE, including Video Card Replacement, see Instructions and Videos.


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